Simlet Pro line Catalog

Adobe DPS - Digital Publishing Solution App

Interactive catalog design and presentation as a tablet-optimized application. The design is being prepared in Indesign, which includes a plug-in that allows connection with Google Play or Apple Store..


Digital side project

Create digital business cards

Create HTML-based business cards. Allow quick sharing between customers with all the contact information that suits you. Including design, programming and landing page construction.


Landing pages & A/B testing

Create winning landing pages

Graphic design, copywriting and programming of landing pages. Use more than one landing page to improve your campaign


Create simple and smart sites

From prototyping to programming

Sometimes it needs to be simple and smart, need a site that will make action on the part of viewers.


Create catalog site

From prototyping to programming

Create different structural pages according to the driven content that they have But still be clear in the flow of content on pages and topics.


Branding Project

From logo to website

Graphic language design for interior designer, Olga Greenberg.
Accompanying decisions during work, improving visibility and creating unique design tools for interior designers.

Whether you have a project in mind or just fancy a chat, I'd be happy to talk.

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